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Growing up in Omaha, I was always drawing or painting–I always had to be busy or making something.

After high school, I moved to Denver, for college and I graduated from the Colorado Institute of Art. I then got a job at a tile import store, where I designed and hand-painted custom tiles. After a visit to the East coast, I decided to move
there for a while and open my own hand-painted tile studio. In 2003 I moved back to Omaha.

I had 2 kids and was a stay-at-home mom. My mom convinced me to become a Docent at the Joslyn Art Museum;
while I was doing that they had a show there , Beyond Realism; The Works of Kent Bellows.The show really inspired
me; being a busy mom I never had time to do my art , but after seeing the beautiful drawings he had done in pencil, I
thought I should try pencil. It is very portable and, doesn’t need to dry; I can sit and draw while my kids are in their

I love to take pictures of my kids, I use those to draw. I also now have their friends pose for me. I like it when they don’t
smile and look more natural, but sometimes I get some odd expressions too. I love the emotion in their eyes.